Supreme Court

Now the justice is being criticized for allegedly flouting Catholic teaching.

Much of the public argument over abortifacient contraceptives papers over a tension that at least verges on a contradiction.

Both Roberts and Kavanaugh clearly appear willing to “sever” the individual mandate from the rest of Obamacare, and not strike down the whole law.

Catholic foster care in court.

Democratic candidate Gideon said that she’d only support a proposal to change the Supreme Court if it would “restore an independent judiciary.”

He should not be too timid to urge the Court to do so.

Mark Joseph Stern has spent the last several days melting down over a concurring opinion written by Justice Kavanaugh in a Wisconsin elections case.

State courts and state agencies have no right to declare their supremacy over democratically enacted law in this area.

If courts are going to change the rules, the rules need to be settled before Election Day, before voters rely on them.

Much of the angst in today’s politics is about social status and who gets to control it.

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