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Representative Steve Cohen (D., Tenn.) made two outlandish and so far unsupported accusations during an interview with CNN.

It’s little surprise that even a lawmaker who supports legal abortion might have a problem with the ROE Act.

An increase in chemical abortion appears to be the most likely explanation.

In certain circles online, it is an article of faith that the pandemic isn’t as bad as health officials and the mainstream media says.

Once assisted suicide or legalization is legalized, whatever guidelines are put in the law to protect against abuse will erode over time.

Under HHS secretary nominee Xavier Becerra, expect public policy to go in exactly the opposite direction.

The Senate is tied, and without some formal arrangement the Democrats will find it very hard to run.

Polarized Americans still support religious freedom.

The odds of a ‘Trump TV’ being formed — and companies wanting to advertise on it — are much smaller today.

The Congressional-Executive Commission on China, a bipartisan panel monitoring the human-rights situation in China, released its annual report.

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