The Mexico City policy isn’t a ban on ‘discussing’ abortion.

He’s not even pretending to fight.

Noah Rothman’s excellent piece in Commentary deserves to be widely read.

The headline Slate wrote: “North Carolina’s First Black Female Chief Justice May Lose Her Seat to Aggrieved White Colleague.”

Much of the public argument over abortifacient contraceptives papers over a tension that at least verges on a contradiction.

Dan McLaughlin (here at NRO) and Ron Brownstein (in The Atlantic) have each just written about it.

Left media not only face a huge letdown but a huge fiscal dilemma.

He didn’t quite say what the media made him out to be saying, and is still making him out to have said.

The 500 most influential voices who shape the narrative about campaigns and elections are overwhelmingly invested in the success of the Democratic Party.

Donald Trump has left an indelible mark on American politics, but not on American policy.

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