Law & the Courts

The eleven-judge majority ruled that states have wide latitude to determine which providers are qualified to receive Medicaid funding.

To be clear, the Third Circuit has only agreed to consider briefs.

The case involves restrictions Cuomo enacted to restrict religious worship services in Brooklyn.

Now the justice is being criticized for allegedly flouting Catholic teaching.

It is clear that the lawyers lately rising to the top of Donald Trump’s legal team are not exactly doing top-notch work.

Regardless of how one views the Trump lawsuits, bullying the lawyers undermines the fair administration of justice.

Mark Herring, the attorney general of Virginia, found a judge who let him shut down The Nation’s Gun Show.

Ohio senator Sherrod Brown, for all his fondness of preaching the dignity of work, feels put out by having to spend time on Capitol Hill these days.

Much of the public argument over abortifacient contraceptives papers over a tension that at least verges on a contradiction.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit upheld today Harvard’s use of racial and ethnic preferences in its undergraduate admissions.

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