Joe Biden

Musa al-Gharbi writes in The Nation.

1996 might be the last time that the bases of both parties were generally satisfied that the outcome of the presidential election was legitimate.

Joe Biden’s progressive central-planning ambitions should worry the nation.

The Kerry appointment is a terrible decision.

Why does a sitting congresswoman believe that the secretary of state retains the ability to curb her First Amendment rights?

Republicans are going to need every vote they can get in the Georgia run-offs, which makes starting a Republican civil war in the state a very bad idea.

This is the Democratic foreign policy establishment — the figures who generally infuriate the progressive grassroots.

Yet another witness has come forward to say that she witnessed VOTER FRAUD in Detroit on election day. This news is being actively suppressed by the Michigan Attorney General, social media companies, and by dishonest ‘fact-checking’ organizations that play word games and rely on partisan Wayne County judges to ignore dozens of witnesses who describe…

The post Michigan Witness and Former US Congressional Candidate Speaks Out — Saw the Biden Ballot Dump at 4 AM and Witnessed Officials Tampering with Tabulators! appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Biden made a campaign promise to undo the pro-life policy on his first day in office.

“They were like a pack of dogs!” Another Michigan Witness has come forward to describe the voter fraud and vote integrity intimidation she witnessed while volunteering at the TCF Center/Cobo Hall in Detroit on election night and the day after. This comes on the heels of word that the Wayne County results are being officially…

The post “They Were Like a Pack of Dogs!” – Detroit Voter Fraud Witness describes election night chaos (VIDEO) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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