The Senate is tied, and without some formal arrangement the Democrats will find it very hard to run.

In recent days left wing activists have been publicly talking about persecuting and prosecuting Trump supporters.  Others claim that work has been long underway by the Department of Justice. The DOJ, according to these voices, has been actively engaged in criminalizing political dissidents on the right for some time. Kent Erickson, an activist who publishes…

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House Democrats might have benefited from slowing down in their rush to impeach Trump.

Instead of bringing members together, the riot and debate over President Trump’s role in inciting it seem to have only deepened partisan differences. 

At the beginning of 2020, Boxer joined the lobbying firm, Mercury Public Affairs.

Without Trump as a punching bag, governors such as Gavin Newsom will need to build public support on their own merits.

It is technically possible to impeach an official after he has left office, but that would presumably strike people as at the least very odd.

On David French and the secession threat to America.

Joe Biden likes and trusts ‘his people,’ and has faith in them — and apparently doesn’t really care if they’re experienced in a particular policy area or not.

Feinstein didn’t undermine a successful Democratic strategy against Amy Barrett. The strategy had failed before the hug.

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