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There was a lot else going on this year, but the extraordinary rise in homicides might have been the most underplayed story.

In a lengthy post on Facebook, Nebraska GOP senator Ben Sasse addresses the danger of Congress attempting to overturn the election on January 6.

Lin Wood has seen and raised his fellow conspiracy-theorist Sidney Powell in a series of tweets that would make Q blush.

Josh Hawley’s best path to the GOP nomination is to be the best Josh Hawley he can be, not trying to be a more erudite version of Donald Trump.

Rich, Charlie, and Jim discuss its boldest political moves, worst campaign moments, most memorable sports games, and everything in between.

2020 showed how difficult it can be to make predictions.

It’s never a good sign when a president publicly insists he’s not considering declaring martial law in an attempt to reverse the election results.

The number of split districts in 2020 likely marked an all-time low.

At Bloomberg, Greg Giroux breaks out the presidential vote in each of the four congressional districts where Republicans picked up a seat.

In Virginia, Republican state senator and gubernatorial candidate Amanda Chase has a communique for President-elect Joe Biden…

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