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We've Got Mics...and We're Not Afraid to Use Them!

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The Experience is a fun, interactive show, featuring Patrick Bass, Mike Paceleo, and Traci Bass is a mash-up of news, conversation, and interviews which airs every Monday and Thursday evening from 7:30pm until about 9:30pm in the Central Time Zone.  During the show, live or pre-recorded songs and skits are often played.  There are many impromptu calls  from numerous characters voiced primarily by Patrick Bass and Mike Paceleo.

Having known each other since second grade, and now well in their fifties, Patrick & Mike have a great rapport but often find the need of "adult supervision". Enter Traci Bass who is easily the rational voice crying out amongst the chaos!  Check out The Experience!  In the process, you'll probably laugh, cry, scream, and cuss.  You Only Live Once, so take a ride!

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Patrick his a wide range of experiences including University Professor (yes, he is Dr. Bass), stand-up comedian, seminary-trained minister, tech guru, law enforcement officer, firefighter, and paramedic. Patrick is a highly-successfully entrepreneur, consultant, a sought-after security/privacy expert. His world view is unique and he's not afraid to share it with listeners.

Co-host Traci Bass brings a level of maturity to the show that helps keeps Patrick and Mike in check. Although she worked in the medical field for over 25-years (as a veterinary nurse), her formal education as a teacher focuses on English grammar and literature. Traci grew up as a country girl in rural Oklahoma […]

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